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Intumescent Coatings for Fire Protection

Intumescent Coating Systems provide the efficient, effective and practical fire protection. These systems protect and insulate the steelwork in the event of a fire, maintaining the integrity of the structure, preventing a potential collapse and providing additional fire protection. Our range of intumescent coatings can provide 30, 60 or 120 minutes of fire protection depending on what is required by the client.

We can offer the most versatile and cost-effective intumescent solutions for the fire protection of structural steel. We use industry-leading manufacturers in this comprehensive application, using both fuel generated and electric spray machines.

All Intumescent Coating Systems are specifically applied to the appropriate dry film thickness to achieve the required fire protection. All products are tested onsite by third party certification. These coatings can be sealed with topcoats to most BS and RAL colours and also sprayed to a decorative finish.

We provide this intumescent coating application both in our clients’ premises and also off-site.

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